Running Sculpture

Between us – in speed and silence

Running Sculpture is created on a thought of how our eyes experience the stationary versus the moving. Dance, music, and lights define a journey between different states of minds. A universe appears of moods between two existences, close to each other, together and alone.

Running Sculpture premiered in Copenhagen May 12th 2007 at Dansescenen. From 2008-2010 it toured internationally with Mancopy Dancekompagni and was selected for the DanceRoads programme in 2010. A digital experiment was conducted on the outside of Aarhus Musikhus in 2008 at the Aarhus By Light festival.

Created by:

Choreography: Lars Dahl Pedersen

Dance: Tomomi Yamauchi, César García, Kang Ma, Eve Garnier, Katri Siipola, and Taneli Törma

Light Design: Thomas Bendiksen

Sound: Mike Sheridan, Murcof

Photo: Thomas Petri

Aarhus By Light was a collaboration between Archauz and CAVI ( video