Always Now Slowly

Sensuality and poetry meets instinctive longing and aggressive head banging in a dance piece in 3 acts. Always Now Slowly (2010) is an abstract performance for 4 dancers inspired by the writings, poetry and personality of the famous American writer […]

Running Sculpture

Between us – in speed and silence Running Sculpture is created on a thought of how our eyes experience the stationary versus the moving. Dance, music, and lights define a journey between different states of minds. A universe appears of […]

Deranged elegance

What happens when beauty turns deranged? Through three male bodies and potent techno beats, the vulnerability and fragility of dance meets the unpolished and rough. Deranged Elegance premiered 15 November 2008 in Copenhagen at Dansescenen i København. The performance was […]

An airing

The audience is invited on stage. They are viewing the dance close-by standing on white pieces of paper spread out in the room. The dance consists of invitations to the viewer – and gradually the line between audience and performers […]